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Our aim is to provide an unforgettable holiday packed with great activities, a friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to explore the Christian faith and its relevance for today.

2020-2021 Holidays

2020-2021 Dates

6-13 April 2021


A: 16-23 July 2021

B: 24-31 July 2021


A: 14-23 July 2021

B: 24 July-2 August 2021

C: 3-12 August 2021

Applications for Easter & Summer 2021 are now open!


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LDN Holidays 2021

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Virtual Student Houseparty

Sadly, due to Covid-19 restrictions we won’t be able to run our Student Houseparty in the normal way this year – enjoying a wintery Maidwell Hall. However, we are planning to run an evening and a morning of online events for students / those on gap years. This event will

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