LDN Holidays is part of the Titus Trust, a charity which oversees activity holidays for young people from Independent Schools, seeking to encourage Christian character & values and developing leadership potential.

These holidays have been running for over 85 years, and the Trust has overseen them since 2000. Through our holidays and the year-round work in Independent Schools, we aim to encourage Christian character and values and develop leadership potential in young people.

Our holidays are a great place to…

  • Experience a wide range of activities
  • Enjoy a great network of friends
  • Explore the Christian faith

The days are packed full of activities, but there’s also plenty of time to relax and unwind. Friendships made on such holidays are a lasting legacy for many, often continuing long beyond the holidays themselves.

Alongside the activities and the friendships there’s the chance to explore the Christian faith. We do that as we gather each morning and evening for an informal meeting which includes a short talk, a prayer and some singing. Talks in the first half of the week explore central themes of the Christian faith looking at questions like ‘Who is Jesus? Why did he die? Did he rise from the dead?’ Talks in the second half of the week then explore the implications of those things for life in the modern world. Whether that kind of thing is familiar or new, this side of the holidays is a highlight for many.

Everyone on our holidays is part of a small group with two or three leaders responsible for looking after them. For a few minutes each evening the leaders guide a group discussion considering a short passage from the Bible. These small groups help ensure a warm and welcoming atmosphere, in which every individual is cared for and valued.

We hope those who join us for their first holiday will come back year after year. And even leaving school needn’t mean leaving LDN Holidays! School leavers and undergraduates are invited to return as Assistant leaders. They help out with the practical running of the holidays and have their own tailor-made programme. We hope this will help to develop their leadership gifts and prepare them for life and service of others.