Rupert Evans

Team Leader

Rupert leads LDN Holidays. He is married to Petasha and they have three young sons, Rory, Hugo and Wilf. Educated at King’s Wimbledon, Cambridge and Oxford Universities, Rupert has worked for churches in Cambridge, London and Sussex and in his spare-time enjoys watching his beloved AFC Wimbledon and Wasps football and rugby teams. Rupert loves camp, spending time with his family and has a weakness for fast food!

Alice Meadows


Alice is the Administrator for LDN Holidays. After studying at Durham University, Alice returned to London to train as an accountant then spent some time working in charity finance. More recently she worked for a church in London before joining LDN full-time from September 2015. Alice thinks living in London is brilliant, but she also enjoys escaping the city every so often and spending time outside!

Naomi Taylor

LDN Associate

Naomi went to Alleyn’s school for 11 years before a gap year in Durban, South Africa. She studied at Durham University, where she spent her spare time drinking lots of tea, playing football, and occasionally rowing – whilst living with 4 other girls. Having moved back to London, she has replaced the football and rowing with more tea drinking and too much baking.