Christmas Houseparty
(Sixth Form)

We return to Maidwell Hall for a few days just before Christmas. After a busy term, it is a great way to start the holidays.
A great chance to catch up with friends, get into the Christmas mood, meet new people — and lots of time to relax around the fire!

With a mixture of activities, talks and informal seminars, as well as the chance to unwind at the end of term, this holiday gives sixth formers the chance to think about the Christian faith and its relevance to life in the modern world.

“It’s like 3 days of LDN summer but instead of a banana boat there’s a crackling fire!”

Date & Cost

17-20 December 2020

£125 which includes full board, accommodation and all activities, but it does not include the cost of travel to and from Maidwell Hall.

Booking will open in October!


Maidwell Hall School


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