Starting life after school can be an exciting but daunting prospect. These few days aim to provide help, encouragement and practical tips, whether you're heading off on a Gap Year or gearing up for University.

Leavers’ Getaway is a lowkey few days away together with fellow LDN school leavers and gap year students at the start of September, down in the Kent countryside. 

We will enjoy a mix of fun games, hanging out with friends, and a variety of Bible talks and seminars aimed at thinking through what God has to say about life at University / on a Gap Year.


The cost is £70 which includes full board and accommodation but not the cost of travel to and from the venue.


Lower Shatterling Barn, Kent


6-8 September 2024


Applications are now open! Sign up using this Google form. LDN Holidays – Leavers’ Getaway 

More details will follow later.

For more information, please e-mail