Assistant Leaders join us on our Summer and Easter Holidays where they help with the running of our holidays as well as having their own programme.


Anyone who has left school and wants to enjoy a fantastic week where they can:

SERVE by doing practical tasks in the house, dining room and kitchen 

LEARN more about the Christian faith and what it means to follow Jesus Christ today

HAVE FUN hanging out with a great crowd of people and spending time with old and new friends



The LDN Assistant Leader programme is specially designed and run with school leavers and undergraduates in mind. There are talks, Bible studies and seminars to help you think through the Christian faith further for yourself.

You’ll be part of a practical team either in the house or the kitchen. This work frees up the Leaders to run activities and to care for the young people who come on our holidays.

There’s also plenty of free time to enjoy the beautiful site, explore the local area or simply relax with friends.


More House School in the Surrey Hills (for our Easter & Senior Holidays) or Aldro School, also in the Surrey Hills (for our Junior Holidays & ‘Week Zero’).

How much?

Leaders and Assistant Leaders all contribute to the cost of running LDN Holidays so that we can keep the cost for the campers as low as possible.

SUMMER: £225 covers the cost of your board and accommodation. However if you are an Assistant Leader on two (or three) summer holidays, the total cost is capped at £275. 

EASTER: £225 covers the cost of your board and accommodation.

It is possible to apply for a bursary if the cost would otherwise prevent you from coming. Please contact the office for further details.


Applications are now open! Head to our homepage and click ‘Apply Now’. At the top of the page, click on the blue link that takes you to the student application page. 

For more information, please e-mail